Our pricing is simple.


'Newborn' and 'Regular' Sessions include 12 free digitals once a minimum of $50 is ordered from your online gallery. The remaining digitals may be purchased for $109 if desired.


All sessions come with a curated gallery of 60+ images where you will order professional grade prints and art. The digitals included or purchased can be taken anywhere for printing after your initial $50 investment, however we hope you find the quality of our professional labs still very affordable, and worth it compared to other non-professional labs.




Our greatest promise to our clients is to first and foremost capture honest, timeless photos of you and your baby. Our second promise is to ensure that you are ordering prints rather than leaving them on a hard drive as we know how easy it is to put things off!



Newborn Session


within the first month


This 1.5 hour session will be natural images of the baby swaddled and/or solo on a comfy bean bag, portraits and connection with parents & siblings, and we also capture the tiny details of your tiny human. This session usually generates 70+ images in your gallery.


Newborn sessions cost a bit more because of the time it takes at the session, we give breaks for feeding if need be, wrapping, light posing etc, and the time it takes for newborn editing process.



*newborn session includes 12 free digitals after a min $50 print order.




Full gallery download can be ordered ala carte from your gallery for $109. You must still order $50 worth of prints to order entire gallery download.



Regular Session


3 months Milestones, Maternity & Family


This will be a quick and sweet 45 min-ish session of your baby sitting, giggling, crawling, exploring, (likely drooling) and all the other fun milestones they are at during the time of their session. Details of their squishy thighs, budding teeth and goofy grins are what make this our favorite to photograph. This session will usually be 2 outfits, 45-60 mins with outfit changes and play time, and generates about 50-70+ squishy-giggly images in your gallery.We strongly recommend family and siblings being in these photos as well, so come photo ready.


*baby session includes 12 free digitals after a min $50 print order.


Full gallery download can be ordered ala carte from your gallery for an additional $109. You must still order $50 worth of prints to order entire gallery download.





ASLO! For all sessions we also offer all digitals for FREE with the purcahse of an album or book!

monthly Petites


For babies over 3 months & Family



These sessions are even mini-er than our normal sessions! We are giving you what you allll want. Monthly mini sessions! Perfect for those who want some quick updated shots of your kiddos, or for milestones (3 month, 6 month, 9 month etc) These sessions will be 20 mins long and held 1 -2 weekend days per month. Spots will be very limited (we are only offering 5-10 of these per month) So please sign up for our emails to get first dibs on these limited sessions!


*petite sessions are not for newborns - baby must be over 2 months old, and we recommend 3 months +.


*petites include 10 free digitals after $50 print investment. The remaining full gallery of digitals can be ordered for an additional $89.


*max 5 people/3 children. For more than 2 children, we charge an extra $20 per child. (this means more images in your gallery :)


*full gallery download may be ordered ala carte for $89 after your session. Must still order a min of $50 worth of prints to order entire gallery download.











*purchase of full digital gallery will still require a minimum $50 purchase



*we encourage parents and siblings to be in photos. Max 5 people for Petite Sessions (3 children, 2 parents) $20 fee for extra child.














Once editing is complete, your images will be presented in a curated online gallery that will be open for1 month - this is where you will order prints, art, and/or digital additional files. Why only 1 month you ask? Because if we leave it open for forever, you will never order your art :) (trust us, we've been there) We highly recommend prints are ordered through our trusted professional lab. This is to ensure the quality, integrity and longevity of your product, and that your images look as they are intended with coloration and paper quality. You may view our competitive print prices below. We aim to keep our studio session fees low, so our clients can invest more on the important part. The ART that will bring happiness into your home.


A few product pricing examples:


8x10 - $12

16x20 - $39

11x14 Framed: $65

20x24 Framed: $109

single digital file : $9

additional digitals (all of them): $109 ($89 for petite sessions)












Click HERE for an example gallery with FULL print pricing


See our next Petite Session dates HERE!


Where is the studio located?

Bundle Studio is located at 733 East 48th St. Minneapolis, or otherwise known as "48th and Chicago." This location couldn't be more family friendly! On the same corner, you can find Ice Cream, Pizza, Mac & Cheese, Sovereign Grounds for coffee/snacks and child play area, Primp for mom, Townhall Tap for dad (and mom) Carver Junk Co & 14 Hill for Gifts and adorable children's toys. The location couldn't have been more perfect for Bundle.


For now, we have two photographers (Rebecca & Amanda) and we will each have our own specific days we will shoot. We are more than happy to accommodate requests, but we are aiming for our styles to match up seamlessly in this process so it won't necessarily matter who you get as you photographer! All editing will be done by Amanda to ensure the same finishing style. Please let us know if you have any further questions about this by filling out the contact form or emailing us at

Can Parents and siblings be in the photos?

We like to say that the baby is the 'star' of the session, but of course parents and siblings will make a cameo in some of the photos. We actually really love photos with parents involved - capturing the bond you have with your child or children is usually some of our most favorite images we produce.


I realize that this is preached all over our site - WE BELIVE IN PRINTING PHOTOS! In all of my years of hundreds and hundreds of family sessions, it worries me how many clients have not printed even one image from their session and I realized that I was doing them a disservice by not requiring at least something to be purchased. I have clients from YEARS ago emailing me and asking if there was any way I still have their images because they have lost the hard drive they were on and they never got around to printing them. This is because we are all humans and we put things off, we lose things, we procrastinate. We believe that we are doing you a favor by requiring a print purchase. We want these beautiful images hanging on your walls, in an album, or at your desk at work. They truly will bring you more daily happiness, and these prints and books can be heirlooms you can pass down to your child some day. We keep our prices affordable, because we know there are hundreds more amateur websites you can go for prints. We hope that you will see the value in our professional grade products and love the quality as much as we do.

Will you do maternity photos? In home newborn sessions? birth photography?

For now we are starting off Bundle as simple as possible with newborns and babies while we learn how we can service our clients best. We will absolutely consider growing our offerings in the future. For now, check out Amanda Marie Studio (the owner of Bundle!) for outdoor, maternity, and lifestyle/in-home newborn sessions.

will you do sessions outside?

The point of Bundle Studio is the simplicity of the studio sessions. So for now, all shoots for Bundle Studio will be done in studio until May of 2019. To check out Amanda's other business where she will continue to do work outdoors and her beloved sold out sunset sessions - check out Amanda Marie Studio . More on this soon!



We ask for up to 2 weeks for edit and delivery. If an album is ordered, the album may take up to 3 weeks from delivery of the digital gallery.

why is the newborn session so much more?

The newborn session is actually over twice as long and twice as much work for us :) The session lasts longer,and editing babies takes far longer than editing a 3+ month old due to skin coloring and sometimes baby skin bumps :)

what are your covid safety measures?

As we navigate through this very tough year, it is the forefront of our business to ensure that all of our clients are safe. All of our staff will be masked and washing or sanitizing hands throughout the session. We require all clients to be masked until it's photo time, and we are not allowing the use of any of our toys, or eating in our studio.


All sessions are completely "contactless" meaning we are not handling or touching any children. This means parents need to work a bit harder to help us wrangle kids. Newborn sessions are a bit different and will be up to the parents discretion. We will do a contactless newborn session upon request, or we will only handle the newborn for very light posing on the beanbag, and for swaddling.


The studio is being deep cleaned every 2 weeks and we are only offering max 2 sessions on regular days, and max 6 sessions on petite session days, allowing 15 min breaks in between sessions to clean.


If you have any questions about our precautions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at





from our client

"I almost started to cry when I saw the picture of her and I. So unscripted and beautiful. I don't think I've ever seen her and I together like that"

Chris M. (thanks chris <3)


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